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    Home Cleaning

    Keeping your house clean while working full time is not an easy task. Your only option is to do households chores during your free time thus sacrificing leisure time set aside for your family and yourself. With QHS there is no need to give up on that free time, as we at QHS will do it all for you!!!

    Our services comprise full mopping job; dusting furniture and appliances out; vacuuming job; and kitchen cleaning.

    Washing & Ironing

    Have your nice clothes returned on hangers!

    • Maids have knowledge of using automatic washing machines. (Customers are advised to inform staff of their preferred wash settings)
    • Clothes are sorted before putting into the machine.
    • Clothes removed from dryers, ironed and hung or put inside coverts, Ironing is done carefully to avoid damages.

    Baby Sitting

    Our nannies would care your child while you have hundreds of others chores

    • Babysitters/Nannies are experienced mothers who use to take care of their own kids.
    • They have good English language skills for easy communication with you and your babies/kids.
    • Patient in dealing with babies and kids and can play with them.
    • Feeding, changing of diapers and clothes

    Commercial Cleaning

    Every day when your employees return to work, their work stations will be glistening clean and organized. Office cleaning or commercial cleaning is also one of our major jobs. Individuals or businesses can contact us for maids to get different premises cleaned. Our maids will arrange things in place at your workplace.

    Our services includes:

    • Mopping of floors, vacuum carpets
    • Glass and window cleaning
    • Pantry cleaning, Bathroom cleaning
    • Dusting of office tables, equipment and machines

    Pet Care

    Your pets are very important to you but cleaning and organizing their areas in addition to yours can be draining. QHS can provide the following services:

    • Cleaning and replacement of litter tray (for cats)
    • Feeding
    • Simple hair trimming
    • Cleaning and organizing pet areas and all their possessions so that you can spend more time actually playing with your pet.

    Party Help

    Hosting a party at home with family and friends is a very exciting and fulfilling activity, even if it requires a lot of time and effort from start to finish. With QHS you can simply enjoy the party and we will take care of the rest. QHS cleaners will do the dish washing and food refilling during the party.

    After the party, QHS will thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces, sinks, oven, microwave, fridge and front of cupboards. QHS cleaners will also scrub and disinfect bathroom floors, vacuum and mop all floors and perform other restoration activities.


    Qatar Home Services an operating division of Gulf Energy Technology & Projects, was established more than a decade on the concept of providing part-time professional housekeeping services for Qatari nationals and expatriates based on clients personnel needs and desires.

    Our Vision

    To be your preferred service provider, catering to the needs of both individual and corporate environments.

    Hassle Free Service

    With our service system, we free you from the hassle of sponsoring your own housemaids/cleaners as the company will sponsor them and handle all the documentation. Since they are under the company’s sponsorship they will be accommodated and bonded thereof.

    Superior Cleaning for Affordable Rates

    We will assess your cleaning requirements based on the information you provide or if you wish, we can visit your house to meet with you and discuss your needs. QHS will work out a schedule tailor-made to suit your individual needs and budget. With this, we can provide you with quality service at very affordable rates.

    Promise on Continuous Service

    We guarantee the same cleaner for your regular cleaning schedule so they become familiar with your cleaning requirements. Replacement is also an option if you wish to change the cleaner. In case of illness, we will immediately call to inform and confirm if you need replacement.


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